Saturday, 20 October 2012

FASHION: The Iris Effect - Old is the new Young

Diesel is getting in on the hype with their new fragrance "Loverdose"
 Since 2005, when the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York showcased Iris Apfel's vast clothing and accessories collection, this elderly lady has been increasingly hailed as an icon. While celebrities and the self-proclaimed fashion cool are desperate to rub elbows with her, Iris maintains a natural serenity and ironic distance to the hyped pandemonium surrounding here now. After all, she's just doing what she's always done; dressed the way she wanted with no regard to what other people think. It's positive that the youth fetichists are confronted with a personality who dares to act herself and shows that style, creativity and cool does not stop at age 21. It can soar on through to age 91 and beyond. Here's to you Iris Apfel!

91 and still going strong on the new cover of Dazed & Confused.

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